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The Environmental Voter Project

The Environmental Voter Project (EVP) uses sophisticated analytics to identify voters in critical swing states who care about the environment, but are not consistent voters.


Volunteers with the EVP reach out to these voters via phone and work on getting them to the polls. Whether you live in a deep blue, deep red or purple state, you can make a real difference in this critical election by helping to get those voters to the polls. Please consider volunteering your time with the EVP.

Elders Action Network 

Elders Action Network recently launched its Elders Stand for Fair Elections campaign to ensure that all eligible voters are able to exercise their right to cast a vote in the November 2020 general election safely, easily, and with confidence that their vote is duly counted. Please consider giving your time to their crucial efforts.

Rock the Vote

Help Rock the Vote register, educate and turn out young people to vote. Young people are more concerned about climate change than their older peers. Those of us concerned about climate change need to ensure that this critical constituency registers to vote, and then actually votes!

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