But at this point, it is only a plan. It has a long arduous journey to becoming the law of the land. All citizens concerned about climate change need to let Joe know that we love the plan and that we strongly encourage him to make it his top priority and to stick with it until he triumphs over the entrenched interests that are sure to pull out all the stops to defeat it. Therefore, we at Rebuild Climate strongly encourage our members to send a letter to Joe expressing gratitude for his plan but also encouraging him to fight hard to make it a reality.

Send a letter to Joe Biden:


Your Name

Your Address


Biden for President
PO Box 58174
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Dear Vice President Biden,

I recently read your “Plan to Build a Modern, Sustainable Infrastructure and an Equitable Clean Energy Future”. I am excited and deeply appreciative that you are ready to tackle the climate crisis with effective and equitable policy solutions. I will personally do all that I can to see that you are elected the next President of the United States, but all I ask in return is that you commit to making the policies that you put forward in this paper a top priority and that you do not waiver until your plan has been put into action.


Thank you for your past leadership and service to our country. And thank you for putting out this important plan. You, Congress, and all citizens of the United States cannot rest until your plan has been put into action because our country and our world cannot afford to squander the opportunity to address the climate crisis by transitioning our economy to renewable energy.



Your Signature


Your Name

Mail the letter to:

Biden for President
PO Box 58174
Philadelphia, PA 19102

When the letter is in the mail, please let us know so we can keep track of how many have been sent.




On July 14th, 2020, Joe Biden released his climate plan. This is very exciting for those of us at Rebuild Climate. The plan is ground breaking and focuses not just on mitigating climate change, but on environment justice and creating middle class jobs where workers are free to unionize.  We encourage you to read his plan in full:



Click here to get the phone numbers of your two Senators and your Member of Congress. You only need to call Democrats as Republicans will not be receptive to this message. 

Phone script:


My name is Your Name. I'm a constituent of Name Of Senator/Member of Congress. I live in Your Town. I am calling to let Name Of Senator/Member of Congress know that I feel strongly that the first priority of Congress in 2021 should be to transition our country to clean, renewable energy. This transition will put the millions of people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic to work thereby helping to simultaneously solve the two great crises of our time: the economic fallout from the pandemic and climate change.

Thank you for your time.

When you have made the three calls, please let us know so we can track how many calls have been made.



Please consider sending your local paper a Letter to the Editor (LTE). This is a great way to spread the word in your local community. LTE's are typically very short: 150-200 words.


The best bet is to write about something that was on the front page of the previous edition of that paper. That will be your hook. Then tie it into the need to prioritize a transition to clean energy and putting our country back to work.

Build Back Cleaner

Dear Editor,


In the June 5th edition of the Sentinel, the editor urged members of our community to patronize out local restaurants to get them back on their feet. But with current social distancing requirements, at best the restaurants will only be half full. This is a microcosm of what is happening to the economy of our entire country. Until we have a vaccine, millions of Americans who work in the service industry will be out of work. It will require trillions more dollars in Federal stimulus spending to get our economy up and running again. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to transition our economy to away from fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable energy. Millions of jobs would be created in the transition, and it would put the United States back in the driver's seat of leading the world towards a brighter future.

Our country cannot afford to squander this opportunity.



Your Name

X Year resident of Your Town

Most local papers have a website where you can submit your LTE. That said, it never hurts to follow up with an email or a call to the editor. Local paper employees typically wear multiple hats and are very busy, so a little persistence will pay off. Also, do not expect them to let you know that they published your LTE. Check the print and online versions every so often. When your LTE has been published, please let us know so we can keep track of how many have been published.




If you are active on social media, please share our message on your favorite platforms. Currently, we are active on the following platforms (if you are active on a different platform, please feel free to adapt our message to the platform of your choice):

  • Twitter
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  • Facebook


We are excited to launch two social media campaigns: 4OurKids and Dirty2Clean! We are launching them simultaneously to see which of the two campaigns is more effective.  


Today's kids will be the first generation to be aware that they are under the imminent threat of climate change for their whole lives. So who better to be the spokespeople for our movement to halt it? We'll be rolling this campaign out over the next several weeks.


Today's economic recession due to the pandemic has put more Americans out of work than any time since the Great Depression. So what better way to contrast where we stand today with where we can be if we commit to transitioning to renewables?


RebuildClimate - the campaign to make Climate Priority #1 in 2021