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New Toss Up Senate Race!

The Iowa senate race has heated up! Joni Ernst, the GOP incumbent and reliable Trump supporter has lost her sizable polling advantage over Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield. Iowa's junior Senator said about climate change,

"I don't know the science behind climate change. I can't say one way or another what is the direct impact from whether it's manmade or not."

I'll let the Theresa Greenfield website do the talking for the challenger:

"Climate change is getting worse. We’ve seen it in extensive floods that destroy our fields and wash away parts of our cities. 

We can’t afford to have Senators who question and deny the science, who refuse to act when the future of our kids and grandkids are on the line, and who consistently put the needs of Big Oil over Iowans suffering. Theresa is proudly endorsed by the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, and understands the gravity of our climate crisis requires smart, principled leadership.

In the Senate, Theresa will fight for good-paying clean energy jobs and defend and strengthen our environmental laws that are under attack from the corporate special interests in Washington. She will also be focused on solutions that protect Iowans from the effects of climate change, including securing infrastructure funding to strengthen our defenses against flooding to save communities across Iowa. "

Clearly the Senate will have a very different voice for climate action if Greenfield can unseat Ernst. Please join Rebuild Climate in its support for Theresa Greenfield.


Matt Tucker


Rebuild Climate

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