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Net Zero Future


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Your Climate Action Knowledge Base


Help move your community towards our net zero future with the help of Rebuild Climate's climate action knowledge base. Then utilize Rebuild Climate to share your lessons learned with climate concerned citizens around the country.


Get involved in a grassroots climate action organization that is working on climate policy at the state, regional or national level. We have built a guide to grassroots climate action organizations to help you find an organization that is the best fit for you. 

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Get politically active. Register to vote. Then vote for, volunteer and donate to climate champion candidates and get your climate concerned friends to vote for climate champions too. We have put together a guide on how to find and support climate champion candidates.



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Spread the word!

The more members we have, the more effective our actions will be.



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Without strong leadership from the U.S. Congress on decarbonization, we have to rely on action at the local, state and regional level for the foreseeable future. This work moves us forward no matter who is in power in Washington.


Regardless of where you live, there is progress to be made right now!


If your community is already activated on climate, help them move towards net zero more rapidly.


If your community is not as climate concerned, start laying the groundwork so that when your neighbors come around, your community will have the tools to catch up quickly.



Image by Zbynek Burival

California Cities Top List of New Report Ranking U.S. Climate Action Plans

Despite achievements, most cities need to cut emissions by 64% to reach their respective goals.

Image by Zbynek Burival

Global Action Is ‘Very Far’ From What’s Needed to Avert Climate Chaos

New climate pledges submitted to the United Nations would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by less than 1 percent

Image by Zbynek Burival

Biden’s Civilian Climate Corps comes straight out of the New Deal

Joe Biden's Civilian Climate Corps gives young people "good jobs" and trains them for environmentally friendly careers. It is inspired by FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps.

Image by Zbynek Burival

Forbes Article on Chinese Solar Dominance

Forbes article on Chinese dominance of the solar industry

Image by Zbynek Burival

"Moving from a 'Whole-of-Government' to a 'Whole-of-Society' National Climate Strategy"

A 'whole-of-government' approach is not enough. It is time to go all in

Image by Zbynek Burival

Inevitable Planetary Doom Has Been Exaggerated

There will be more crises, more setbacks. But there is no 'too late.'

Image by Zbynek Burival

Legislators Unveil the CLEAN Future Act.

If passed, this bill "would require electricity suppliers to run on 100-percent clean energy by 2035, appropriate 40 percent of federal dollars from the bill to benefit communities that have suffered from environmental injustice, and direct states to entirely eliminate carbon emissions by 2050."

Image by Zbynek Burival

New Sustainable Energy Factbook Shows 2020 was 'Blockbuster' Year for Renewables in America

In a year when so much went sideways, it was a blockbuster year for renewable energy build and for the first time, a record 40% of U.S. power consumed generated no CO2 emissions

Image by Zbynek Burival

G.M. Will Sell Only Zero-Emission Vehicles by 2035

General Motors said Thursday that it would phase out petroleum-powered cars and trucks and sell only vehicles that have zero tailpipe emissions by 2035

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